Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease

What you can do

What you can do



Alzheimer's Affects Families

Alzheimer's Affects Families





Edward Lichten, M.D. is seeking a patent from the U.S. Patent Office on July 25, 2017. He is donating his patent to the FOUNDtheCURE FOUNDATION so that monies earned can be reinvested in new FOUNDtheCURE research and to treat those less fortunate.

Our Unique Program Offers


  • Anabolic (up to 5 forms) Replacement

  • 45 years of research and scientific study

  • Ongoing Compassionate Study seeking F.D.A..approval for Healthcare Insurance


There is a concierge annual fee to be a patient of Edward Lichten, M.D., and costs of services based on an hourly rate for professional time.

ALL DONATIONS and monies earned by the patent are separately reserved for research, bringing awareness to the public, and for COMPASSIONATE USE for individuals unable to purchase these medications.

........................   Order the BIO-MARKERS within

LICHTEN H.E.R. LABORATORY PROFILE before consulting the USDoctor and making your appointment to visit him in his offices.

Offers Therapy for the
Whole Woman's Well-being


Lichten is planing to perform the clinical studies that will confirm the presence of a biomarker for the Free Androgen Index and how hormonal replacement may influences the clinical course of this disease.

Our Unique Research Program Offers


  • Anabolic (libido enhancing) Replacement

  • Oral anabolic medications for depression

  • Research protocols for Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Potential research with Kinsey Institute on how hormones affect libido and orgasm in this elderly population.


Prevent or Delay Alzheimer's Disease with Natural Hormone Replacement

How We FoundTheCure


Alzheimer's Disease:

Old Treatments yield New Therapies

This is the disease of the millennium and the future of the 'Baby Boomers." Senile dementia is described as "life where your body outlives the functional usefulness of your brain." A disease where you lose your vibrant memories and essence of 'self' to become a vegetable within a ever weakening and non-functioning body. Death is not only inevitable; for you and your loved ones it comes as a relief.

Sounds scary. Well it is! When first described by Alois Alzheimer in 1906, senile dementia was extremely rare. Most people died before reaching 60. But with the dramatic increase in life expectancy, now approaching 85 years, the incidence of Alzheimer's disease will affect half of Americans over 85 years of age. Twenty percent of men and women 75 to 84 years old are affected. That is 4 million today. And the numbers are expected to increase to 6 million by 2010 and 14 million by 2050. We baby boomers not only must deal with caring for aging and debilitating parents but also the realization that this will probably be our fate- unless medical miracles intervene.

Recent research in this field has been dramatic, states Dr. Bruce Yanker of the Harvard Medical School. These discoveries include more information about how Alzheimer's destroys the brain and that there may be treatments on the pharmaceutical horizon.

Yet, there are no reliable diagnostic tests for Alzheimer's disease. Subtle signs include forgetting where your left things, appointments, or even the seven digit phone numbers you try to dial. You forget names of places you go all the time; you crash your car and even have trouble getting yourself dressed in the morning. You find it difficult to complete even simple tasks and you are painfully aware that something is wrong. Then the fog thickens the personality changes and the world becomes a different place. Family members are strangers yet you need help even eating. At this point, the diagnosis of Alzheimer's becomes a mute point.

 Physicians' ability to diagnose this disease is limited to the Mini Mental State Exam and a MRI to rule out strokes. The atrophy of the brain mass is typical of aging. When it affects the white matter (cortex-surface brain) it is called Binswenger's Disease, when it affects the gray matter it is called Alzheimer's disease. The underlying process is the same. The brain is not functioning properly and it is shrinking. Recent studies using a technique called PET scanning shows that the brain is not metabolizing sugar so there is no oxygen metabolism. From this information, it is logical to assume that that brain tissue is dead or dying.

When the brain is subjected to autopsy, there are a number of changes noted. First, there are plagues with protein filaments know as tangles. The excessive deposit of beta amyloid (A-beta) is the result of beta and gamma enzymes work together to produce a shorter, stickier protein. It is not that an Alzheimer's patient develops more A-beta, it is because there is a reduction in the body's ability to dissolve A-beta. If the body fails to remove A-beta normally, it will first fold and stick together to form first fibrils and then the plaques. When the plaques trigger an inflammatory reaction then the brain cells die within the area of inflammatory response. One could say they "die in friendly fire." When neurons die they take your memories, names, faces and normal function with them.

Why are some individuals stricken in their 50's while others not in their 90's? Hereditary may be part of the answer. Researchers have found three genes that, when mutated, cause our cells to over-produce A-beta. These mutations run in families and the inheritance guarantees that the disease will be present by age 60. But this is rare, accounting for less than 5% of all cases. Many more cases are found in families where one or more parents are affected. Folks with one affected parent are three times more likely to develop the disease; both parents increase the risk to five-fold. Dr. Tanzi states "Their genetic makeup makes them more susceptible to environmental triggers." Those who have been knocked unconscious as adults developed Alzheimer's at three times the rate of those who had not. But this again is rare.

Most sufferers of Alzheimer's disease have the following characteristics:
1) Rural backgrounds
2) Lack of schooling
3) Lack of mental stimulation
5) Lack of antioxidants: Vitamin 'E'

"Recent studies have identified several substances that may help us minimize that damage as we age. In test-tube experiments, vitamin E helps quell the toxic free radical associated with A-beta. Epidemiological studies suggest that regular use of ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs may quell the toxic free radicals association with A-beta. And estrogen, which inhibits the formation of A-beta, offers another possible shield. In a 1996 survey of 1300 elderly women, Mayeux found that those who'd taken the hormone after menopause reduced their Alzheimer's risk by half-regardless of family history.

The expensive prescription medications, Cognex and Aricept, can ease the symptoms by boosting the action of a brain chemical, acetylcholine. But these drugs don't work for most and may be helpful for only a few months. Although pharmaceutical companies are pursing drugs to reduce or vaccinate against A-beta. Others are attempting gene therapy. A blood test for A-beta is being developed. But in the meantime, the disease continues its relentless spread within our population.

Hormones shows Prevention is the Answer


A bio-marker is a recurrent finding in a biological system. In Alzheimer's, dementia and Traumatic Brain Injury  there are consistent hormonal findings:

  • Signs:  Mini Mental Assessment shows negative changes

  • FIndings: catabolic changes in hormonal parameters

  • Fiindings of low levels of total testosterone and high levels of SHBG are noted in severe cases of Alzheimer's, dementia and Traumatic Brain Injury.  This ratio is named the Free Androgen Index (FAI).   FAI improves when testosterone levels are increased with either testosterone or nandrolone; and when stanozolol increases serum levels of total testosterone.

What is not commonly known is that hormones are the most potent anti-oxidants known to men. Melatonin is 1000 times more potent that vitamin C. And the studies with estrogen show that women who take the estrogen longest have one-twentieth the risk of those who have never taken estrogen. Therefore, the best protection against Alzheimer's disease iwas thought to be estrogen replacement for every menopausal woman. Women probably should have some form of estrogen supplementation after the age of 40. This can be in the form of oral contraceptives, vaginal estrogen, or topical natural estrogen creams or patches. Soy products including the over-the-counter medication for hot flushes, Promensil, may not offer any protection. Hopefully, future studies will be more informative.

The other hormones that affect the brain are DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid and human growth hormone. The lacks of these hormones (SEE representative articles) affect the ability of the brain to function.

FOUND THE CURE medicine is based on the concept that the woman seeking medical care is seeking more than a 'fix' for a 'diseased' female organ.  Not only is there the effects on her mind, body and spirit but endometriosis is an autoimmune disease that affects many other organs.

OUR COMPREHENSIVE SERUM ASSAYS seek out other BIOMARKERS, other signs and symptoms so as to treat the WHOLE WOMAN.

The good news, for both men and women, is that hormone loss and imbalance is easily correctable. Through state-of-the-art diagnostic hormone testing, we can determine your hormone levels and your unique bio-identical hormone needs.


No one treatment is correct for everyone. There are many individuals over the years that all of us have treated but to no avail. It is not our desire or intent to suggest that one treatment is the best. Rather, we propose that those who avail themselves of medical care must first educate themselves and then actively discuss with their health professionals what options are available in their individual medical care:

Our first goal, therefore, must be





Then we can hope to LIVE LONGER & BETTER

in a life style that supports



  • LONGEVITY in a purposeful life..



As a result of hormone imbalance related to these conditions, you may be experiencing one or a combination of what have become known as the classic symptoms of aging:

  • Weight gain

  • Limited energy

  • Hair loss

  • Low sex drive

  • Depression

  • Mood swings

  • Sleeplessness

  • Poor concentration

  • Memory loss

  • Fatigue

  • Depression

What are bio-identical hormone therapy services?

  • A comprehensive review of symptoms, medical, family and personal history

  • Testing - blood, saliva through laboratory analysis

  • Natural hormone balancing

  • Ongoing evaluations

  • Quality compounded pharmacy

    • Thyroid hormones

    • Methyl- B12

  • Highest quality supplements

    • B6/B12, TMG, digestive enzymes

    • VItamin D3


    • Fitness programs

    • Nutrition planning

    • Stress reduction plans

All References are linked to original articles:

The Next Big Thing

In Health & Aging

Human growth hormone is recognized by many as a strong contributing factor to the support of the Glia brain cells. These cells supply nutrition to the neurons. When the Glia cells are small, shrunken and dysfunctional, then the neurons are likewise. My experience with HGH is that it is most helpful in those individuals with the earliest stages of this disease. As there are no long term studies with HGH, I explain to my patients that the decision to try the medication is the patient's. Many feel that it worth its high cost. An informed consent for HGH is offered to each patient who requests HGH explaining risk and not guaranteeing outcome. Many pharmacies will now fill prescriptions for Human Growth Hormone at costs of $35- $50 per IU making it more cost-effective and available to consumers.

However, the most dramatic changes we have seen are with  doses of estrogen and testosterone. Testosterone is the natural precursor to estrogen in both women and men. Men have less Alzheimer's disease because they have more testosterone and therefore more estrogen to go to their brains. Supplying both men and women with testosterone as injections or pellets can help bring higher levels of estrogen to the brain cells. In women, estrogen replacement should be done with injections of estrogen or subcutaneous pellets.


The key treatment today is anti-oxidants and hormones. Will a diet high in anti-oxidants prevent oxidation damage and A-beta deposits? No one knows. But we do know that 1000mg of Vitamin C and 800 mg of Vitamin E with every meal reduces oxidative stress on the body by 70%. Taking an aspirin or ibuprofen 200mg daily may offer both cardiovascular and some Alzheimer's protection. These measures are easy, safe and may offer real protection. It should become an integral part of my daily vitamin- anti-oxidant therapy. It sure can't hurt.

The Women's Health Initiative (WHI) memory study:

a randomized controlled trial in JAM [1] used daily continuous hormone replacement therapy (HRT), reported that the hazard ratio of the HRT for probable dementia was 2.05. That is the use of Prempro (man-made estrogen and man-made progestin doubled the risk and severity of Alzheimer's disease.


Addition of synthetic progestins reversed the positive effects of the man made estrogen (Premarin). Effect of progestins, and continuous (not cyclically) HRT, even only with estrogen should be reconsidered. In our clinical study, conjugated equine estrogen (CEE) alone showed good changes of psychiatric tests for AD on the 3rd week, but addition of medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) or norethindrone since 4th week suppressed these test.[2]

Basic and clinical studies give evidence that hypoandrogenism (low testosterone) is associated with memory impairment. Accordingly, some animal studies show that the administration of these hormones improves the performance of cognitive tasks. However, effects of DHEA, DHEA-S, and T in the clinical setting, are not clear. [3] 

DHEA is in the United States an over-the-counter supplement. It has major effects on energy, healing, cognition and prevention of mental deterioration in both sexes; although the effect is strongest in women.


Several genetic and environmental risk factors for Alzheimer's Disease increase inflammation, including apolipoprotein E4, obesity, and air pollution. Additionally, sex steroid hormones appear to contribute by decreasing AD risk, with age-related losses of estrogens in women and androgens in men associated with increased risk. Importantly, sex steroid hormones have anti-inflammatory actions and can interact with several other AD risk factors.

With all being said,

"You May be Only as Old

as Your Hormones!"

 Can we Prevent Alzheimer's?




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Hormone Replacement Therapy   
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About Edward Lichten, M.D.

Research: Since the 1960's, gynecologists have treated women with the addition of artificial, man  made anti-estrogens  and  man-made progestins to suppress natural estrogen production. Until just 20 years ago, no one connected chronic, autoimmune diseses with imbalances of 'hormones' let alone man-made xeno-estrogens. Even with advances in laparoscopic surgery, more women are suffering with endometriosis at a younger and younger age. Infertility affects one-third of couples in their 30's. There has been no end or way of preventing Endometriosis.  The medications are expensive, create menopause, are depressing and kill sex drive. Used for more than 12 to 24 months is not recommended.

Lichten's Research since the 1980's leads to FOUNDtheCURE:


Dr. Lichten discovered in the early 1980's that there were two components to suppressing endometriosis. He analyzed the workings of a 60-year old pharmaceutical drug for endometriosis, danazol. As a weak androgen, it temporarily reduces the pituitary from stimulating estrogen production from the ovaries. This did dry up the uterine lining and some endometriosis, but it causes acne and facial hair growth. What was unique  is that it suppresses liver production of SHBG.


WITHOUT SUPPRESSING SHBG, long-term treatment of severe endometriosis may be doomed to  fail. There is a high percentage of women with endometriosis who have additional surgery, misery with/ without hormonal replacement and up to 3-10% like Sheri who are told even the most drastic of surgeries may not bring pain relief.




Lichten published in medical journal that two non-surgical diseases of women could be treated effectively with hormones instead of expensive tranquilizers and potentially dangerous medications. His work identified that pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and migraine could be prevented by stabilizing a woman's fluctuating hormone.  For majorities of these women, there were no more Prozac® or Imitrex®; no more uncontrollable mood or raging headaches.

What has been overlooked are the effects of man-made Environmental Hormones! Main stream medical research had failed to consider let alone realize that many chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases are mediated through the hormonal effects of man-made plastics, pesticides, flame retardants, hormonal contraception and hormones fed to livestock! That is why so may diseases are becoming more prevalent today: inflammatory bowel disease, thyroid disease, rheumatoid disease, fibromyalgia, insomnia and just old-fashion aging. We know that a 50-year old's broken bones take longer to heal than a normal 25-year old's. BUT today, 25-year old adults have many signs and symptoms and laboratory findings of 50-year olds!  No wonder they are so sick!


REBALANCING the hormones involves more than adding  back estrogen and testosterone:  she can stay more alert, involved, active and recover faster--LIVING BETTER and LONGER when





Radical Breakthrough is using Testosterone to Treat Men for Disease!
In the 1980's, Dr. Lichten experienced what is now called andropause; 'men'pause for men. Night sweats, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, weight gain and depression became his way of life.  When searching for a hormonal cause, Dr. Lichten discovered that the laboratory blood tests he was running on women in his FOUNDtheCURE PANEL explained the disorder: men were experiencing a men' pause (equivalent to a woman's menopause).  All of his symptoms disappeared and he was able to build muscle tone, mental acuity, and endurance with small doses of natural, bio-idential injectable testosterone (not creams)!


BUT his new found 25-year old energy did not last.  He had to block the SHBG to improve his anabolic potential.

Testosterone Reverses Need for Diabetic Medication:
As his women patients saw the difference testosterone made for Dr. Lichten, they demanded their husbands be seen for the miraculous 'fountain of youth' anabolic hormone treatments. The third man to be seen, Joe. N. was a 295 pound, 5-foot 9-inch male with diabetes. On the mixture of anabolic therapies, he lost 85 pounds in the first year and discontinues all his diabetic medications the first month. Now, 24 years later, Joe. N. is still not clinically diabetic.


The Clinical Research: DIABETES
Buoyed by the anti-diabetic effects of testosterone is a multitude of men, Dr. Lichten enlisted James Sowers, M.D., Professor and Chairman of Endocrinology at Wayne State to co-sponsor a university approved clinical study. The results proved that:

1) all diabetic men are low in testosterone,

2) adding back testosterone would reduce the need for insulin by 50% and oral agents nearly completely, and

3) the men on testosterone did not report any low blood sugar complications.


A large clinical study using the mixture of anabolic steroids is being planned as clinical research from Harvard, England and Switzerland support exactly what Dr. Lichten published to the Internet 24 years ago.

Introduction: Biography of Edward M. Lichten, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.O.G.


Edward Lichten is a 70-years 'young' board certified physician who was mentored by the legendary gynecologist Frederick P. Zuspan,  M.D. Professor Emeritus at Ohio State University.  Trained in the most advanced surgery for cancer, Dr. Lichten chose to pursue a search for the medical imbalances that contribute to and cause women's diseases.  The first was Endometriosis.   In 1979 he invented Laparoscopic Uterine Nerve Ablation to offer women with/without visible endometriosis relief from monthly menstrual pain. "Yes, Women's pain is REAL not psychosomatic."[5]


Information: "Anti-aging", Autoimmune and Environmental Disease

The Clinical Research: CROHN'S DISEASE

Bouyed by reversing pain and weight loss in severe inflammatory bowel disease in post-surgical Crohn's patients, Lichten enlisted Peter Higgins M.D., professor and director of Crohns'/ IBD at the University of  Michigan to co-sponsor studies relating to these sex hormones. He is first going to determine if the total testosterone and SHBG ratio serves as a BIOMARKER for inflammatory bowel disease.  FOUNDtheCURE is offering a parallel COMPASSIONATE STUDY in severe Crohn's patients scheduled for colon resection. 


Putting It All Together:
As the author of the Textbook of Bio-identical Hormones, Dr. Lichten has put together some of the missing pieces that  underlie most chronic disease-- hormone imbalances caused by aging and our environment. These hormone imbalances can be measured directly and indirectly in common laboratory blood tests  (that you will want to have performed before Booking an Appointment). While vitamin D3 deficiency links to insomnia, low growth hormone to fibromyalgia, thyroid to hair loss, fatigue and weight gain, adrenals to afternoon fatigue, pancreas to diabetes and digestion, and the sex hormones of estrogen and testosterone to everything from Alzheimer's to  heart disease, obesity and autoimmune diseases!

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Making Alzheimer's a Disease of the Past!

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Prevent or Delay Alzheimer's Disease with Natural Hormone Replacement