What is SIBO?

What is SIBO?

Toxins & bothersome bacteria

Toxins & bothersome bacteria

Result in a toxic bowel

Result in a toxic bowel

Diets-for-SIBO some success?

Diets-for-SIBO some success?

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S.I.B.O. Clinic Failed:
15 of 19 Rifaximin Failures recovered
with Patent pending

Reversing S.I.B.O. Disease




Edward LIchten, M.D. has had claims reviewed from the U.S. Patent Office and is awaiting issuance for the treatment of SIBO. He is donating his patent to the FOUNDtheCURE FOUNDATION so that monies earned can be reinvested in new FOUNDtheCURE Research and to treat those less fortunate.


Our Unique Program Offers


  1. Anabolic (5 forms of testosterone) Replacement

  2. 45 years of research and scientific study

  3. Ongoing Compassionate Study seeking

  4. F.D.A. approval for Healthcare Coverage

Offers Therapy for Whole Individual's Well-being


Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth is a systemic autoimmune disease. These individuals will have stomach/ bowel infections, ulcers, anemia, severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies and autoimmune disorders that may affect the thyroid, joints, as well as muscles, nerves and overwhelming fatigue.


Our Unique 'Better Life' Program Offers


  1. Anabolic (5 forms of testosterone) Replacement

  2. Potent medications for wasting disorder

  3. Research protocol for IBD related disorders including Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, S.I.B.O.,  bowel motility disorders and pain disorders using naturopathic over-the-counter products.


There is a concierge annual fee to be a patient of Edward Lichten,  M.D., costs of services by his professional corporation and an  hourly rate for professional time.


ALL DONATIONS and monies earned by the patents are separately reserved for research, bringing awareness to the public, and for compassionate use for individuals unable to purchase these medications.
Order the
LICHTEN H.I.S. or H.E.R. LABORATORY PROFILE before consulting the USDoctor and making your appointment to visit him in  his offices.


Protocol for S.I.B.O.

ONLY U.S. Patent Office filing to review claims for Medical Protocol for SIBO using these F.D.A. medications.
ONLY S.I.B.O. PROTOCOL to appear
in peer-reviewed medical journals using NANDROLONE & SHBG blocker.
NOVEL MEDICAL PROTOCOL offers naturopathic and prescription treatments for most S.I.B.O. disease.
Improvement took more than two to four months and expect use of more than these two initial medications.

Treating S.I.B.O. Disease


Rifaximin® or Antibiotics

H. Pylori- the Science -- Before it Failed:

Doctors Barry Marshall and Robin Warren were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2005 for identifying Helicobacter pylori as the causative agent for peptic ulcer. Furthermore, they identified that the breath test for hydrogen could help identify the bacteria and that select antibiotics would medically 'cure' the ulcer that had previously been a potential surgical emergency. Scientific proof it seems connected cause and effect.

Researchers including Mark Pimentel, M.D. and Allison Siebecker, N.D. have focused on imbalances/ potential bacterial overgrowth in the small bowel. Both have documented a change in bowel motility: Pimentel found that select antibiotics such as erythromycin increased bowel motility and RIfaximin® decreased the presence of methane producing bacteria -- relieving symptoms. Siebecker focused on the FODMAP elimination diet and naturopathic bacteriostatic agents  such as garlic derivatives and a naturopathic insecticide/ bacteriocide derived from the Neem oil extract.  Both it seemed were attempting to follow Marshall and Warren to the next Nobel Prize.

But as the success rate of antibiotics for H. pylori peptic ulcer disease dropped from 96% to 70%, no one can expect that antibiotic therapy will still be helpful for  peptic ulcer therapy in the near future. Similarly, both antibiotic and FODMAP diets are unable to consistently relieve these diffuse GI symptoms grouped within Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).  Consistent relief of bowel symptoms were not noted for longer than 10 weeks with either treatments. New researchers found cause to disbelieve and disprove the cause as bacterial overgrowth, the reliability of the the bio-markers of hydrogen/ methane breath tests and doubt the effectiveness of multiple antibiotics.

Only one scientific finding remains sacrosanct:

there is a change in bowel motility.

Link to Hunters and Gatherers:

The August 2017 Science magazine compared western gut microbes to the Tanzania's Hadza tribe of hunters and gatherers.[1] They found that modern diets had killed off so many of the good bacteria that urban populations were prone to chronic inflammatory diseases not only of the gut (Crohn's) but also arthritis and autoimmune diseases. Modern diets lack the micro-nutrients[2], vitamins, minerals and 90% of  the fiber of the Hadza diet.  And as the Chinese said 3000 years ago, "the army moves on its gut."

The Hadza diet has no problems with slowing of the bowel motility. Their predominant gut bacteria survives on the right type of fiber. This reduces the bacteria that feed on the microfilm that protects the gut lining cells.

Link to Man-Made Environmental Toxins:

While endometriosis and diabetes/obesity have been clearly linked to environmental toxins, it is surprising that proof is still lacking that ingestion of these toxins has not poisoned the GI tract. Man-made pesticides, dioxin, hormone contamination and plastics are 'xeno'-estrogens. They enter our cells as do natural hormones but turn on the production of autoimmune antibodies that alter the motility of the GI tract. Estrogen receptors have now been identified as 'turned on' in Crohn's patients. Bowel inflammation slows down bowel movement in the GI tract, allowing bacteria from the colon to move up into the small bowel and have 'toxic' effects[3] without changes in intestinal permeability.

Breakthrough  - BLOCKING the TOXINS:

Lichten has spent 30-years researching how these xeno-  estrogens enter the cells. When faced with these SIBO patients as severely  ill as many with Crohn's Disease [4,5], Lichten applied the same scientific analysis for SIBO that was found in Crohn's Disease: 

1) did the symptoms have a consistent bio-marker in

blood laboratory measurements? 

2) could a mixture of anabolic steroids normalize the bio-marker, and

3) did the mixture of testosterone and two other anabolic medications in the Novel Medical Protocol relieve symptoms of SIBO disease? Thirteen of 16 Rifaximin® failures had 75% improvement in their quality of life reported in their one-year follow up. [6]


A bio-marker is a recurrent finding in a biological system. In inflammatory bowel disease and SIBO there can be symptoms, signs, laboratory tests:

  • Symptoms:  bowel pain, bloating, constipation

  • Signs/ Findings: bloody diarrhea, frequent bowel movements, weight loss, malaise

  • Laboratory Tests:

    • Breath tests for hydrogen/ methane

    • Tests of 'leaky gut'

    • Lab blood tests for celiac disease, B12, hydrochloric acid production, etc.


  • Lichten found low levels of total testosterone and high levels of SHBG in severe cases of inflammatory bowel disease and SIBO patients. This ratio is named the Free Androgen Index (FAI).[7]  As the inflammation in the inflammatory bowel disease is reduced, the FAI Increases. This is consistent in the SIBO and Crohn's article. Lichten finds this true in other chronic inflammatory systemic diseases.

  • Lichten found that both men and women with low FAI are at risk for inflammatory bowel disease, SIBO and other autoimmune diseases. Those with the most severe abdominal pain and incapacitating pain have the lowest FAI levels. There is an increased risk of pernicious anemia, GI disease, thyroid disease, chronic fatigue, and  autoimmune disease in those diagnosed with SIBO/Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

University Study: Funded Study Raised $500,000

Fundraising is ongoing to confirm that the FAI is both selective for the worst cases of Crohn's disease. Unknown is whether the FAI will be as specific for Crohn's as the Estrogen Receptor beta/alpha ratio. The three-part Institutional Review Board approval seeking to establish that:

1. The FAI is the first, reliable serum bio-marker for chronic inflammatory gastrointestinal disease.

2. The Estrogen Receptor beta/alpha ratio correlates directly with the FAI.

3. Compassionate use of a mixture of anabolic steroids to reset the FAI and ER-beta/alpha to normal may reduce by 75% the incidence of major incapacitating bowel pain, reduce the need for medications, reduce inflammation and correct the FAI seen in SIBO and Crohn's Disease.


S.I.B.O. Disease


Compassionate Study:

Since the introduction of GMOs in 1996 into Canada, there has been a 10-fold increase in IBD in the youngest of children in Canada.  Canada has 75 government run centers just to treat IBD. The incidence of SIBO in Canada is estimated at 20%.[8] Crohn's patients have more cases of breath test positive SIBO.[9]

The Canadian government healthcare system does not recognize SIBO nor coverage for the more than $2000 for 2 weeks of Xifaxan®.

All the failiures had the same Bio-marker finding:

Not only did the 14 women and 5 men in Lichten's year long study have bloating, constipation/ diarrhea stool, fatigue, positive Lactulose Breath Tests,  but also no proven pathology of Crohn's or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, They all had severely decreased levels of bio-available testosterone measured as the FAI/ Free Androgen Index. Some were as low as 20% or less of normal.[6]


The most recent research shows that environmental toxins slow bowel transit time.[3] These xeno-estrogens are toxins that poison the gut enterocytes. Lichten hypothesized that these xeno-estrogens must compete with androgens to get in to the cell through the A-R receptor.  Lichten found that naturally occurring, bio-identical testosterone had 10 times the affinity of estrogens '9and xeno-estrogens) and bio-identical nandrolone has 30 times more binding affinity.

*Weekly small dose of  combinations of testosterone and nandrolone Works to Stop Pain by shifting the host away from Estrogen Dominance to anabolic homeostasis.


Lichten hypothesizes that since all estrogens stimulate SHBG production, these xeno-estrogens pulls the good testosterone away from the cell letting xeno-estrogens get in. Blocking the liver production of SHBG would amplify the healing process by blocking the potential daily poisoning  of the xeno-estrogens. That is the role of stanozolol and danozol

*Weekly small doses of select anabolic FDA approved medications reduce by 80% SHBG production! Nandrolone is not bound to SHBG making it an ideal anabolic hormone for these catabolic  individuals  (both men and wonen).


These SIBO patients took their first step to recovery using 1) over-the-counter products,

2) prescription medications that are noted in the US Patent Office filings and the peer-reviewed submitted medical journal article and normalizing FAI/ Free Androgen Index.

3) Flagyl(R), metronidazole is the only antibiotic and flagellate that we feel is appropriate for treating SIBO.

*Over the counter supplements that improve oro-caecal transit time relieve symptoms. This included vitamins, mineral, fiber, probiotics  and fats in a concerted mix.

All References Linked to Articles:
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FOUND THE CURE FOUNDATION medicine is based on the concept that the man or woman seeking medical care is seeking more than a 'fix' for a 'diseased' organ. Not only is there the effect on his/her mind, body and spirit but Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, SIBO and inflammatory bowel disease affects many other organs.

OUR COMPREHENSIVE SERUM ASSAYS seek out other BIOMARKERS, and other signs and symptoms as to  treat the WHOLE INDIVIDUAL. These are interrelated autoimmune diseases. And there are more: thyroid, lupus, pernicious anemia, and MS.

The good news, for both men and women, is that hormone loss and imbalance is easily correctable. Through state-of-the-art diagnostic hormone testing, we can determine your hormone levels and your unique bio-identical hormone needs.

No one treatment is correct for everyone.  There are many individuals over the years that all of us have treated but to no avail. It is not our desire or intent to suggest that one treatment is best. Rather, we propose that those who avail themselves of medical care must first educate themselves and actively discuss with their health professionals what options are available in their individual medical care.

Our first goal, therefore, must be:




Then we can hope to LIVE LONGER & BETTER!

As a result of hormone imbalance related to these conditions, you may be experiencing one or a combination of what have become known as the classic symptoms of aging:

  • Weight loss or weight gain

  • Limited energy

  • Recurrent diarrhea, bloody mucus

  • Low sex drive

  • Depression

  • Mood swings

  • Sleeplessness

  • Poor concentration

  • Memory loss

  • Fatigue

  • Gastric reflux, gas, constipation, bloating       


What are bio-identical hormone therapy services?

  • A comprehensive review of symptoms, medical, family and personal history

  • Testing - saliva, urine and blood laboratory analysis

  • Natural hormone balancing

  • Ongoing evaluations

  • Quality compounded pharmacy

    • Thyroid hormones

    • Methyl- B12

    • Anabolic steroids

  • Highest quality supplements

    • B6/B12, TMG, digestive enzyme,

    • Vitamin D3, ox bile

  • Fitness programs

  • Nutrition planning:

    • Directed to FODMAPS

    • Directed to motility and bacterial overgrowth

    • VItamins and minerals: B6,B12,TMG, C, E and D

    • Omega-3 EFA, LCT/Medium chain triglycerides

    • Fiber

  • Stress reduction plans


Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth



Shimura Shino, et.al. Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth in Patients Refractory with Functional Gastointestinal Disorders. Nuerogastroenterol Motil 2016 Jan; 22(1):   PMC4699722

In the editor's opinion this is one or the best scientific articles about SIBO. Summarized thus:

1. SIBO may start from oral bacterial contamination. The use of Johnson's & Johsnon's Listerine mouth rinse reduced bacterial contamination before testing.  The editor feels that routine use of an oral antibacterial product every 4 hours may reduce SIBO and functional components of gastrointestinal complaints in these patients.

2. The incidence of true methane positive gas test after glucose load SIBO is quite low.  When antibiotics are used, such as levofloxin, the initial reduction in bacterial count disappears by 50% after 6 months.


Therefore, for  the variety of SIBO and functional bowel disorders, any positive glucose-methane testing is rare, antibiotic treatment is fraught with failure and, logically this methodology cannot be considere the cause of the affliction.

THE EDiTOR FINDS HiS QUESTIONAIRE TO BE EXCELENT and uses it within his medical practice.


The Izumo Scale Questionnaire Respondents Enter the Severity Scores After Reflecting on Their Symptoms over the Previous Week

Question:           Not bothered (0)     Not so bothered (1)      Slightly bothered  (2)    Bothered Strongly (3)

                             Moderately bothered  (4)        Intolerably bothered  (5)

 1. Are you bothered by acid reflux?                                                                                      0 1 2 3 4 5

 2. Are you bothered by heartburn centered in the anterior chest?                                 0 1 2 3 4 5

 3. Are you bothered by throat discomfort?                                                                          0 1 2 3 4 5

 4. Are you bothered by epigastric pain?                                                                               0 1 2 3 4 5

 5. Are you bothered by hunger epigastric pain?                                                                 0 1 2 3 4 5

 6. Are you bothered by epigastric burning sensation?                                                      0 1 2 3 4 5

 7. Are you bothered by early satiation?                                                                                0 1 2 3 4 5

 8. Are you bothered by post-prandial long-lasting epigastric fullness or nausea?        0 1 2 3 4 5

 9. Are you bothered by epigastric bloating?                                                                         0 1 2 3 4 5

10. Are you bothered by a feeling of incomplete defecation?                                           0 1 2 3 4 5

11. Are you bothered by constipation or hard stools?                                                        0 1 2 3 4 5

12. Are you bothered by stress-related constipation?                                                         0 1 2 3 4 5

13. Are you bothered by fecal urgency?                                                                                 0 1 2 3 4 5

14. Are you bothered by diarrhea or soft stools?                                                                 0 1 2 3 4 5

15. Are you bothered by stress-related diarrhea?                                                                0 1 2 3 4  5




         NO PROOF that Rifaximin™  or levofloxin antibiotics effective in long-term in reducing methane positive SIBO testing.  

         Authors document failure of greater than 50% reducing methane positive tests and symptoms at 6 months.

         If antibiotic needed, suggest  very low dose 50mg of erythromycin for first short term treatment.

         Long term courses of metronidazole / Flagyl™ at 500mg once or twice daily may be an option for serious long term cases.

 3. CONSTIPATION:  not SIBO, this is a motility problem

        OVER-THE-COUNTER TREATMENTS suggested by Edward Lichten, M.D.

        **1949: Linus Pauling, Ph.D.  Buffered ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 10,000 to up to 30,000mg divided throughout the day. Too ........    much will cause diarrhea. Learn tolerance.

        ***1970's:  Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). Best supplement for GI cellular repair.  Three tablespoons pr day. Start slowly, ............ learn tolderance. Too much causes diarrhea.

        ***1980's:  Magnesium citrate, glycine, orotate, taurinate rather than milk of magnesium. Evening --assists in sleep patterns.

        ***2015:  Pre-bio thrive.™   Mixture of pre-biotic (not probiotic (colonic bacteria)) taken multiple times per day may help

              to stabilize the normal bacteria in the stomach.

        ***Digestive enzymes.  Naturally occurs with crushing walls of bacteria.  With fiber promotes normal  GI transport.

        ***Bile.  Bile is alkaline and needed to neutralize stomach acid so that the predigested food can pass through pyloric            ..............sphicter.  Example:  Bilex™ from  Doulas Labs contains both ox bil nd enzymes.

       ***B12:  high dose B12 are necessary for the stomach cells to produce stomach acid.  Water souble. Methyl-B12 (compound)  .............(cobalamin) is preferred to the pharmaceutical product that contains cyano (cyanide)

 4.  STOMACH ACID.  After the age of 50 years, most of us have reduced prodution of stomach acid. This is calle achlorhydria. However, this is worse for smokers, alcoholic use and all anti-acids (prilosec, Nexium™, etc.). The proton pump inhibitors  have very reduced normal levels of hydrochloric acid production  AS STOMACCH ACID is the only natural defence to control bacterial overgrowth in the stomach, it is illogical to reduce acid production whenever there is gastro-esophageal-reflux disorders (GERD).  

LICHTEN BELIEVES THAT THE USUAL RULE IS WRONG AND HAS DOCUMENTED THAT THERE IS TOO MUCH ACID WHEN THERE ARE GERD SYMPTOMS! Using ox bile and enzymes may quickly relieve patient's symptoms and stopping of antacids.

FLATULENCE: GAS: BLOATING:  This is the result of too much acid acting on residual carbohydrates in the stomach. This causes carbon dioxide gas production (gas).  Use of Alka-Seltzer™ gold (potassium not sodium) will break up the gas without the sodium load. The doctor recommends routine use in the afternoon, and it can be repeated after dinner and as necessary at bedtime.


If you would like to contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment please fill out the form below and we will contact your shortly.  Thank you!

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J.M. says "I have been miserable with my bowel complaints for 10 years.I have seen as many doctors and  spent tens of thousand of dollars without results. Dr. Lichten identified that my thyroid  autoimmune disease was untreated and I had no b12 (pernicious anemia)  as well as low testosterone and high SHBG. The improvement was gradual over the year and over-the-counter products really helped. I have my life back!"

H.M: I am a 69 year old woman who went from looking for an old-age home to doing head stands in my Yoga class. Dr. Lichten first balanced my estrogen/ testosterone, found the correct GI supplements for acid and gas, and lastly put me on a short course of human growth hormone at my request. Watch out- i'm back!

"Thank you Dr Lichten."



S.B. at 38 thought she was going to die. The abdominal pain was so severe my husband drove me hours to go to Boston's best GI doctor. He said there was no test; he could do nothing. Dr. Lichten did his 'whole hormonal thing' and then diagnosed severe pernicous anemia (B12 deficiency) and a very rare gall bladder infection.

He can Change your Whole Life!

Dr. Lichten adds:  Our team had a good number of success stories for which we are as grateful as our patients. We feel blessed to be able to help.
But to J.Z., J.A. and others, there may be medical answers.  We tried but to no avail.  We hope that our original research and clinical treatments leads others to treat you with avante-garde therapies in the near future!  To life and Health!

 K.H: "I could not believe how quickly my whole life changed when Dr. Lichten added the specific hormone therapy protocol as I am only 38 years old.

He takes my calls when I have an eye infection, female and even 'sex' issues.  My sister and mother see him too!

Thank you kind doctor!"

Dr. Lichten adds:  having had a peptic ulcer, obstipation and a tear in my esophagus this year, I empathize with my GI patients.  As I work to relieve my symptoms, I have passed that information on to my patients, who in turn teach me what works for them. 


This is the teamwork that makes all the difference:  no one has all the answers, but together, we have more!


Introduction: Biography of Edward M. Lichten, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.O.G.

Edward Lichten is a 70-years 'young' board certified physician who was mentored by the legendary gynecologist Frederick P. Zuspan,  M.D. Professor Emeritus at Ohio State University.  Trained in the most advanced surgery for cancer, Dr. Lichten chose to pursue a search for the medical imbalances that contribute to and cause women's diseases.  The first of many diseases was Endometriosis.  In 1979 he invented Laparoscopic Uterine Nerve Ablation (L.U.N.A.)to offer women with/without visible endometriosis relief from monthly menstrual pain.


"Yes, Women's pain is REAL not psychosomatic."


Ogoing Research in "Anti-aging", Autoimmune and Environmental Diseases

Research: Since the 1960's, gynecologists have treated women with the addition of artificial, man-made anti-estrogens  and  man-made progestins to suppress natural estrogen production. Until just 20 years ago, no one connected chronic, autoimmune diseases with imbalances of 'hormones' let alone man-made environmentalto xins called xeno-estrogens. Lichten's work identified that pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and migraine could be prevented by stabilizing a woman's fluctuating with the same medication used for endometriosis.  For the majorities of these women, there were no more Prozac® or Imitrex®; no more uncontrollable mood, heavy menses or raging headaches.


What has been overlooked are Hormones! Main stream medical research had failed to consider or realize that many chronic inflammatory diseases are mediated through hormones! That is why a 50-year old's broken bones take longer to heal than a 15-year old's. When we add back the hormones in balance, such as natural bio-identical testosterone and nandrolone, she/he can stay more alert, involved, active and recover faster--LIVING BETTER and LONGER!


The Most Radical Breakthrough is using Testosterone to Treat Men and now Women for Disease!
In the early1980's, Dr. Lichten experienced what is now called andropause; 'men'pause for men. Night sweats, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, weight gain and depression became his way of life.  When searching for a hormonal cause, Dr. Lichten discovered that the laboratory blood tests explained the disorder: men were experiencing a men' pause (equivalent to a woman's menopause).  All of his symptoms disappeared and he was able to build muscle tone, mental acuity, and endurance not realized since his 20's with small doses of natural, bio-idential injectable testosterone and nandrolone. CREAMS DO NOT WORK!  The skin turns testosterone into estrogens!


Testosterone Reverses Need for Diabetic Medication:
As his women patients saw the difference testosterone made for Dr. Lichten, they demanded their husbands be seen for the miraculous 'fountain of youth' hormone treatments. The third man to be seen, Joe. N. was a 295 pound, 5-foot 6-inch male with diabetes. On testosterone, he lost 85 pounds in the first year and discontinues all his diabetic medications in the first month. Now, 24 years later, Joe. N. is still not clinically diabetic.


The Clinical Research:
Buoyed by the anti-diabetic effects of testosterone is a multitude of men, Dr. Lichten enlisted James Sowers, M.D., Professor and Chairman of Endocrinology at Wayne State to co-sponsor a university approved clinical study. The results proved that:

1) all diabetic men are low in testosterone, 2) adding back testosterone would reduce the need for insulin by 50% and reduce the needs for expensive oral agents nearly completely, and 3) the men on testosterone did not report any low blood sugar complications. A large clinical study using more potent testosterone(s) is being planned as clinical research from Harvard, England and Switzerland support exactly what Dr. Lichten published to the Internet 18 years ago: testosterone is beneficial for men and for men with all forms of diabetes.


Putting It All Together:
As the author of the Textbook of Bio-identical Hormones, Dr. Lichten has put together some of the missing pieces that  underlie most chronic disease-- hormone imbalances. These hormones can be measured in common laboratory blood tests (See Booking an Appointment). Vitamin D3 deficiency is links to insomnia, low growth hormone to fibromyalgia, thyroid to hair loss, fatigue and weight gain, adrenals to afternoon fatigue (burn out), pancreas to diabetes and digestion. The sex hormones of estrogen and testosterone and the Free Androgen Index link to everything from Alzheimer's to  heart disease, obesity, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and now SIBO.



About Edward Lichten, M.D.